Who we are

A small business that is crazy about code and technology.

Everyone seems to know an IT guy.  They either have a friend or family member that has a full time job, or they know someone that is “good with computers”.  While this may bandaid the problem, it doesn’t fix the underlying issue. Our experience allows us to quickly help you determine the right solution for you.

What can we do for you?

When it comes to Managed IT Services, Backups, Security Systems, and more

Your website is like an online resume.  From maintenance and design to hosting and troubleshooting,  we can help you move forward.
We offers a wide range of Web Services, including website design and maintenance, hosting, and more!


We work with clients to create custom software to fit your needs, as well as debug or upgrade custom software already in place.

Every business has specific goals and needs. Our experts can work with you to determine what solutions fit you.

Our certified technicians can work with you on any networking problem including firewalls, switches, routing, wifi, and more!

We are server experts.  Whether you have a simple server, virtual server, or blade servers, we can help.
for creative and small business.

Workstations and laptops are the most used device in most IT infrastrutures.  We can work with you to resolve your issues quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the increase of new technologies, we are finding the need to constantly keep up with trends, hardware, software, and new IT options.  With that said, we find a few questions that are consistently asked of us.

Look through some of the common questions we get.  If you still have comments, questions, or suggestions, please click on the button below to get in contact with us to schedule a free consultation.

All types.  We work with very small businesses to large businesses.  For IT, our main target clientele is 20-250 users as they generally get the biggest “bang for their buck”.
Our Web and Marketing Services, on the other hand, benefit any size company equally.

This is based on the type and urgency of the request.  For standard requests (email requests and level 3 requests), we respond within 3 hours with remote and onsite support (during normal business hours).  For emergency requests (site down and level 1 requests), we respond within 1 hour and have support available 24/7 (additional costs will incur).

Our rates are based on two factors:
1) Are you a managed IT service client?  If so, the cost is substantially less for project work, service rates, and billable work.
2) What’s the urgency of the request?
For specific costs, please contact us to get more information.

You do! Unlike many services out there, when you hire us to create a website, all the content is yours.

An annual fee on your website ensures that your website is staying safe and secure with maintenance, that you have access to your personal account manager, and that you have varying levels of account support, depending on your needs. You also will receive monthly notices and updates as maintenance is completed.

If you have an editor for your website, we have you covered. When you hire us to create a website, we offer one 3-hour session to familiarize your editor with the site, with additional resources available for your use.

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